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The outline of the application process can be found below, should there be any further questions, check out our FAQ page or contact us. 



19th September 2022 - Application opens

1 on 1 consultations take place after submission of application and before finalisation of the proposal

28th October 2022 - Application closes

5th November 2022 - Design Thinking Workshop. Attendance compulsory for at least half of all group members 

26th November 2022 - Finalisation of project proposal 


4th December 2022 (AM) or 10th December (AM) 2022  - Presentation meetings: Applicants must attend a presentation meeting where finalised project details are communicated to the selection committee. 

16th December 2022  - Results announced. Announcement of results will not take place beyond this date


13th February 2023  - Projects must launch before or on this date, depending on agreed upon timeline. 

Interim Check-in - Midway through the project timeline: A meeting will take place with Translate for Her's team. This will serve as a checkpoint and allow for groups to request assistance or guidance.  

13th May 2023 -  ​​Completion of project must take place before or on this date. 

27th May 2023 -  ​​Final Report: Successful applicants will submit a short final report and financial report (templates will be provided for this). This will be submitted before or on this date, and within 2 months of completion of the respective project. 

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