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Current Projects (Jan - May 2023)

Project name
Key Areas
Key Activities
Social Media
Project Mental Wellness: Spring Healing
Community Education/ Art Education
Mental Health and Wellness, Arts and Crafts, Cross-cultural Exchange
Five workshops on different activities that can promote mental well-being (including laughter yoga, PQ Reps and acrylic painting etc.)
Community Education/ Community Building/ Social Support
Mental Health and Wellness, Parent Education, Youth Sport, Cross-cultural Exchange
Parallel sessions of youth sports (football and swimming) and parent education workshops (facilitate learning and yoga)
Empower Her
Social Support
Mental Health and Wellness, Career Guidance, Self-development, Gender Equality
A series of five face-to-face workshops each covering one theme (e.g. goal-setting; self-exploration; CV writing) in personal and career developments
Cancer Public Awareness for Migrant Domestic Workers Project
Community Education/ Social Support
Health and Wellness, Labour Rights
Seven talks covering topics on cancer awareness; compilation of a resource list for MDWs on their health and support on their legal position and health rights; five illustrated stories featuring practical information on cancer detection and related stories — mental health and creative expression workshops
Community Education/ Art Education
Mental Health and Wellness, Creative Writing, Labour Rights
A series of four face-to-face workshops each covering one aspect that affected MDW’s mental health; and an exhibition showcasing participants’ work (including poetries, stories and drawings)

In this round of Micro Fund, we have proudly selected 5 projects with a diverse range of themes but the common goal of creating a more just and equitable world. The grantee groups will carry out their projects from January to May 2023. If you would like to know more about the projects, share ideas, information or resources with the project groups, or even just show your support, please contact us at TheM!

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