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Can I apply for more than one project in the fund? 

No. You can only submit one application per round. 

Can I apply for other funds with the same project proposal? 

No. To make sure our resources are channelled to the best places, we do not accept applicants applying for other funds with the same proposal, UNLESS your application for our Fund has been officially rejected.

What if I need to change my proposal or budget during the project delivery stage? 

In case of significant changes being made to the project proposal due to unforeseen circumstances, please let us know of the changes and the reasons behind them as soon as possible. We will discuss with you how our grant can accommodate your new needs or, in rare cases, rechannelled to support other projects.   

Is there a minimum amount I need to apply for? 

There is NO minimum amount. 

Can my project be shorter than 3 months? 

Technically yes, but the project timeline includes the time of project planning before implementation, and you probably need some time in the middle to prepare for possible contingencies. We believe a 3- to 5-month timespan is a reasonable time. Don’t rush especially if it is your first time running a project. 

Any age requirement?

There is NO age limit! 

What if I have an idea but lack partners to form a group with?

Come talk to us. We offer support in connecting like-minded individuals!

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